Introducing the Safe Navigation Operator in Ruby 2.3.0

One of the much anticipated feature in Ruby 2.3.0 is the Safe Navigation Operator (can be found in other modern languages such as C#, Swift, CoffeeScript and Groovy) which gives us a nice syntactic sugar for checking if a property has a nil value. Lets take a look at a use case for it...

Tip - Running Commands From Anywhere in jQuery Console

I recently had javascript tests that required me to execute commands in a jQuery Terminal console which turned out to be more complicated that thought.

Introducing - the new, easy way to monitor of your cars mileage

Ember.js Tip - Getting index in handbars loop

Quick tip on getting the current index when looping around an array in handlebars.js

Using Active Record to Validate Forms in Rails

Validating inputted data from forms in Ruby on Rails can be at first be a challenging, there are no central form validation classes like there are in other web frameworks. Although Active Record is primarily used as an interface to a regional database it can be used for non-Database data validation using it's ActiveModel::Validations component. In this example I will be validating posted data (Name, email address and message body) from a contact form.

My Web Development Toolchain

Recently I was asked about some of my favourite Mac OSX apps for web development, I mainly develop in PHP but the all these tools can be used for Python, Ruby etc development with the exception for PHPUnit.